Stop Snoring with Sleepwell™

If you are one of millions who suffer from snoring or have a partner who keeps you awake, you can find relief through the benefits of the Sleepwell™ mouth appliance.

A fully custom-made snoring appliance, the Sleepwell mouthpiece is made by a special laboratory out of specialised materials for maximum comfort as well as a comfortable fit.

Sleepwell™ holds your jaw stable during sleep, keeping it from dropping back against your throat and fully or partially closing your airway. This allows you to breathe comfortably throughout the night and avoid snoring and the disruption of sleep apnoea, where your breathing can stop and cause you to wake suddenly, gasping for breath.

Different from other anti-snoring devices, the Sleepwell is designed for maximum comfort during use, with a soft inner liner, a custom made fit and the ability to slide your jaw during sleep as opposed to being lock in one bite position.

In fact, clinical trials showed that 98% of patients stated that Sleepwell™ was an acceptable snoring remedy.
Sleepwell™ offers these benefits to people suffering from snoring:

  • A 95% success rate in reducing snoring
  • Wearer-adjustable for total flexibility and maximum effectiveness
  • Made of durable, innovative materials for long lasting use
  • Ergonomic, customised design for perfect fit and less bulk than other mouth pieces
  • Designed to allow side-to-side jaw movement
  • Protects airways and allows for deep, steady breathing during sleep


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