Crowns are used to repair heavily filled or broken teeth. Crowns can be made from a variety of materials, ranging from metal to all porcelain and can change the colour shape and size of a tooth.
Sometimes known as a caps, crowns are carefully constructed and custom made to your tooth, to protect it from further damage and will also improve the appearance of a tooth.

Why you may need a crown?

A crown for a tooth is often required if you have a weak or damaged tooth. It is made to slot over your remaining tooth,above the gum line, to protect the weakened or damaged tooth below. A crown is normally required after a root canal treatment also, to protect the tooth fracturing after treatment when in use.

What is the process?

The placement of a crown is a two stage procedure. At the first appointment the tooth is fully assessed to ensure there is no dcay and that it is suitable for a crown. After this the tooth is adjust to make room for a crown and make the remaining tooth the correct shape. An impression, or 3D scan is taken of the tooth and sent to a dental laboratory.

A crown can taken anything from 3 days to 2 weeks to be made, and so a temporary crown will be placed to protect the tooth while your final crown is made. take around two to three weeks to create in a dental laboratory, so before it can be fitted you will be provided with a temporary crown. You will then return for a short appointment to have the final crown fitted on your tooth, and any final adjustments made.

How long will a crown last?

A permanent crown can last between 5 and 15 years, depending on the health of the underlying tooth and how it is looked after in the mouth. Good oral hygiene and regular dental checks with visits to the hygienist are important to prolong the longevity of a crown.

How shall I look after my crown?

You would eat on your crown the same as you would a normal tooth, but be aware that without good cleaning you will develop decay around the crown. Keep up with your regular appointments at Marton Dental practice for us to be able to spot any problems early.

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