White Fillings

Technology and materials in dentistry have improved greatly over recent years and it is now possible to provide strong and long last aesthetic white fillings, that contain no metal or mercury, and look natural. Old amalgam fillings can also be replaced for better looking white fillings.

Placing white fillings are more difficult than amalgam mercury fillings, and will therefore take the dentist longer to place than a typical amalgam filling. At Marton Dental Practice we use the latest methods and materials to ensure the restorations we provide will last, whilst looking natural.

The white filling material can be bonded to tooth tissue, which makes it useful for many different situations. It can be used to fill cavities caused by decay, or to fill small spaces between teeth. It can even be used to correct/mask small misalignments in teeth.

It is important to discuss with your dentist the best filling material for you as both cavity size, and the position in the mouth can affect the longevity of a restoration.

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